Limitless Color

LDI's Print on Demand Print Technology allows you to easily modify color and scale on most of the patterns we carry. Also, if you have designed your own pattern we can print it for you.

Please note:

  • CMYK is the preferred color “language” to get best results in our process.  We use the specified CMYK values to reference the closest CMYK CP Pantone color.  You can expect a commercial match to this CMYK CP Pantone color.
  • We can only “coordinate” with EnviroLeather™ solids, we cannot get an “exact match”.  When requesting an EnviroLeather™ solid color in a printed pattern there will be a visible difference between the solid and the print.  Exact matches are not possible as the process to create color in a solid (using pigments/RGB) is different than the process to create color in a print (inks/CMYK).  The goal when specifying an EnviroLeather™ solid color in a printed pattern should be to “coordinate” different pieces within a room, not get an exact match.
  • To change scale on a pattern include the % change in the notes section of your sample request


To submit your own proprietary design please click here.

LDI Interiors utilizes an industry first digital print process that allows for 5-yard runs printed on demand with much lower energy consumption and waste. The process uses more eco-friendly materials by incorporating water-based systems to replace toxic solvents.

Traditional print production processes involve large production runs with high energy consumption and the use of toxic solvents. Mills ship to jobbers and jobbers ship to furniture manufacturers or installers. Natural resources are wasted, and pollution is created throughout the process.

We manufacture our print patterns at our own facility in New Hampshire and ship them directly to furniture manufacturers and installers. As a mill selling directly to the trade, LDI minimizes transportation of rolled goods. With fewer people in the distribution chain, time, money and natural resources are saved.

Another benefit to our digital print technology is reduced sample and inventory waste. The amount of wasted sampling and unsold inventory of obsolete or outdated colors and designs that get put into the waste stream in the commercial upholstery and wallcovering industry is massive. It is the industry’s “dirty little secret” with respect to sustainability.

The traditional Upholstery Distribution model is to forecast upcoming trends in color and pattern design then create tens of thousands of samples to distribute to design libraries around the world.

Initial production of each color in each pattern design typically results in 500-1000 yards of stock being put into a warehouse in hopes that future orders will come. Most business people are familiar with the 80/20 rule. 80% of your business comes from 20% of your product. The same rule applies to this stock, which means that in theory 80% of the production required to launch a new product is at risk of obsolescence and disposal to the waste stream.

LDI has moved to a print-on-demand model. Produced within a two-week lead-time under a 5-yard minimum, the material for each project is made to order. The results:

  • Sampling is reduced to a fraction of the usual "industry-wide standard"
  • There's no guessing at what will be used - rather, we print-to-order - eliminating waste and inventory obsolescence