Our Story

LDI Interiors is part of the LDI Solutions family of companies that develops sustainable products to protect the environment and human health. LDI Interiors focuses on durable upholstery that improves air quality and contributes to healthier commercial interiors.

Our digital print expertise gives unparalleled design flexibility. You can achieve the look of a woven textile while retaining the cleanability of a wipeable, durable coated fabric.

Our innovative technology in proprietary performance coatings and formulations is leading the movement in commercial interiors to sustainable, high performance and less toxic fabrics.

All LDI products are backed by industry leading warranties for 24/7 environments. You can feel good that you are doing something good for the planet & human health, while remaining confident that your investment in our upholstery will hold up to rigorous use and meet your long term performance goals.

Where we are today:

EnviroLeather™, is our flagship thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) line of solid colored coated fabric upholstery offering the best combination of sustainability, performance and price in the industry.

EnviroLeather™ Prints, unlimited standard and custom colors and patterns in our TPE construction with only a 5 yard minimum run.

New Product Categories Coming Soon: 

Ecolution™, coming in Fall 2020, is our budget conscious, “green vinyl” line of solid colored coated fabric upholstery, formulated with no flame retardants, no phthalate plasticizers, no PFC’s and no antimicrobial biocides.

EnviroSil™, coming in 2021, is our premium "silicone" line of solid colored coated fabric upholstery.