Our Story

LDI Interiors is part of the LDI Solutions family of companies that develops sustainable products to protect the environment and human health. LDI Interiors focuses on durable upholstery that contributes to healthier commercial interiors.

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Offering over 300 inline solids, textures and patterns.

enviroleather™, is a soft luxurious leather-like line of wipeable coated upholstery that has proven over the past 18 years to be the best combination of sustainability, price, and performance in the industry.  enviroleather™ is made from a urethane-based TPE, formulated with no flame retardants, no plasticizers, no perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) and no antimicrobial biocides.  It passes CAL 01350 for low VOC emissions. 

enviroleather™ California with a leather grain and matte finish, available in 72 colors.

enviroleather™ Berkshire 2.0 with an elevated pebble texture in matte finish, available in 9 colors.

enviroleather™ Montana features a burnished shine finish, available in 12 colors.

enviroleather™ Wyoming features an authentic hyde appearance with ultra puncture resistant construction, available in 6 colors.

envirosil®, is our premium line of silicone coated fabrics upholstery that was formulated to provide superior stain, moisture and flame resistance for the most demanding environments. EnviroSil® is PVC-free and PU-free and provides superior scratch resistance, seam strength and shows no color change or flex-cracking after years of high-traffic usage.

envirosil® Revive features a fluid hand and matte finish, available in 9 colors, soon expanding to 19 colors.

envirowoven™ is the latest addition to the LDI materials line.  Featuring bleach cleanable silicone coated wovens with applied liquid barrier backing.  Materials have a soft inviting hand with the functionality of a coated material.

envirowoven™  Debut collection has 3 patterns Tuft, Toile, and Tweed each in 9 colorways.

enviroleather™ prints are designed to inspire.  LDI's team of artists and designers craft upholstery collections inspired by nature, architecture and the project at hand.  Our proprietary digital print technology allows you to achieve the look of a woven textile while retaining the cleanability of a wipeable, durable coated fabric, offering unparalleled design flexibility.