Ultimate Performance

Rooted in material science, engineering and innovation, we have a unique understanding of the environmental and health safety impact of a material’s makeup and the correlating performance characteristics of those chemicals and additives.  Our innovative technology in proprietary performance coatings and formulations is leading the movement in commercial interiors to sustainable, high performance and less toxic fabrics.

With infection control at the forefront of the world’s mind, upholstery is often cleaned with hard surface disinfectants that are not designed for upholstery.  Premature failure can be a problem when chemical cleaners and disinfectants are used on inferior products.  All LDI products are backed by industry leading warranties for 24/7 environments.  Healthcare, Senior Living and Higher Education are our primary markets, yet less than 1% of installations result in a warranty claim.  You can feel good that you are doing something good for the planet & human health, while remaining confident that your investment in our upholstery will hold up to rigorous use and meet your long term performance goals.

Our quality control program is second to none.  Each production run is put through rigorous testing to ensure superior performance in heavy duty commercial applications.  If we offer a product you can be assured that it is designed to be used in the most demanding of interior environments.

enviroleather™ TPE Construction

TPE, or thermoplastic elastomer, is a blend of two or more polymers engineered to impart more elastic properties. There are many different formulations that can be created, each exhibiting different performance properties.  EnviroLeather™ is made from a urethane-based TPE, formulated with no flame retardants, no plasticizers, no perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) and no antimicrobial biocides.  It passes CAL 01350 for low VOC emissions.

The result is soft luxurious leather-like material in hundreds of design options that has been proven to outperform traditional polyurethane coated fabrics over the last 15 years.

envirosil® Silicone Construction

EnviroSil® is made from Silicone and is completely PVC-free and PU-free with no solvents used during manufacturing. Unlike other Silicone offerings in the marketplace, EnviroSil® provides superior scratch resistance, seam strength and shows no color change or flex-cracking after years of high-traffic usage.

The result is a premium line of coated fabrics upholstery that is 100% formulated to provide superior stain, moisture and flame resistance for the most demanding environments.

envirowoven™  Construction

Envirowoven™ is made from extruded yarns, formulated with no flame retardants, no phthalate plasticizers, no perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) and no antimicrobial biocides.  It passes CAL 01350 for low VOC emissions.

The result is a budget conscious line of woven upholstery under $35 that maintains the LDI focus on high performance and protecting the environment and human health.