Care & Maintenance of our Sustainable and Durable Upholstery

Major corporations throughout the world find upholstery from LDI Interiors to be easy to care for and maintain, resulting in years of comfort and enjoyment after installation. We have created this section of the website as a platform to share best practices for end users to care for and maintain our materials.

Cleaning Instructions

Upholstery Cleaning Instructions (PDF)

Stain Resistance

Please refer to our Stain Resistance Data Guide.

In general, upholstery from LDI Interiors has very good stain resistance and most stains can be easily removed. Removal is dependent upon color of the material, length of exposure and severity of staining. With any material, the sooner you are able to get to a stain the better chances you have of removing it. Thus, we cannot warranty against staining, but we can give you some honest information to work with.

If you are concerned about stains, whether it is on the list above or not, we suggest testing it before purchase.

Approved Cleaners and Disinfectants

Click here to view our  enviroleather™ Approved Cleaners and Disinfectants.

Click here to view our envirosil® Approved Cleaners and Disinfectants.

Click here to view our envirowovens™ Approved Cleaners and Disinfectants.

To view the list of cleaners that meet the EPA's criteria for use against COVID-19 click here.


BIFMA HCF 8.1 Health Care Furniture Design – Guidelines for Cleanability – was released in October 2014. This is the first cleanability guideline version released by BIFMA. The purpose of this test method is to validate the resistance and compatibility of materials to different cleaning/disinfecting methods such as chemical, UV light and steam. This guideline does not address disinfection effectiveness; only the impact of the disinfection process on the furniture surfaces. The tests and acceptance levels in this guideline are based on a seven year furniture life span considering a onetime per day cleaning / disinfection process.

CFFA Healthcare Testing

In general, we support the CFFA HC Standard, however, for chemical resistance we suggest BIFMA HCF 8.1-201X Section 7.  We recommend using ASTM D1308 for stain testing and if requested we will test for specific reagents you are concerned about.