Personalization of EnviroLeather™ Prints

LDI Interiors utilizes an industry first digital print process that allows for 5-yard runs printed on demand with much lower energy consumption and waste. The process uses more eco-friendly materials by incorporating water-based systems to replace toxic solvents.

LDI's Print on Demand Print Technology allows you to easily modify color and scale on most of the patterns we carry. Also, if you have designed your own pattern we can print it for you.

Please note:

  • CMYK is the preferred color “language” to get best results in our process.  We use the specified CMYK values to reference the closest CMYK CP Pantone color.  You can expect a commercial match to this CMYK CP Pantone color.
  • We can only “coordinate” with EnviroLeather™ and Ecolution™ solids, we cannot get an “exact match”.  When requesting a solid color from EnviroLeather™ or Ecolution™ in a printed pattern there will be a visible difference between the solid and the print.  Exact matches are not possible as the process to create color in a solid (using pigments/RGB) is different than the process to create color in a print (inks/CMYK).  The goal when specifying a solid color from EnviroLeather™ or Ecolution™ in a printed pattern should be to “coordinate” different pieces within a room, not get an exact match.
  • To change scale on a pattern include the % change in the notes section of your sample request.


Some of our patterns are more complex and require you to work with us offline to create your custom colorway.

  • Email to request a PDF zone map of the pattern you want to customize
  • Note the target Pantone color or CMYK value for each zone of the pattern and send the completed PDF back to Customer Service
  • If you would like to increase or decrease the scale of the pattern, please note the scale change % in the notes section of the PDF
  • A digital file will be created for approval prior to producing the sample

Please note: With texture and complexity, the Pantone/CMYK value is just a direction on hue for each zone and we may not be able to achieve a tight match on every color in the pattern.

Tier 2 Patterns Include:


To submit your own proprietary design please click here.