New Premium Line of Stain-Resistant Silicone Upholstery

Introducing Revive, the first collection within EnviroSil®, LDI’s brand-new premium line of silicone coated fabrics upholstery 100% formulated to provide superior stain, moisture and flame resistance for your most demanding environments.

EnviroSil® is simply the best stain-resistant silicone-based fabric you can find … you can even eliminate Sharpie stains with everyday bleach wipes!

Not only does EnviroSil® perform incredibly well, you can feel good about what inside because EnviroSil® is completely PVC-free and PU-free with no solvents used during manufacturing. Unlike other silicone offerings in the marketplace, EnviroSil® also provides superior scratch resistance, seam strength and shows no color change or flex-cracking after years of high-traffic usage.

EnviroSil® — the smarter, sustainable silicone choice that’s beautiful from the inside out.