EnviroLeather™ Launches “Healing Essentials” – A Collection of Twenty Designs from Pattern Pod

Contact: Chris Rogers
Tel: 866-332-0700
Email: crogers@enviroleather.com

Portsmouth, NH: October 10, 2014 – EnviroLeather™ and Pattern Pod have teamed up to release “Healing Essentials”, a group of designs tailored to
therapeutic environments. Inspired by the restorative properties of nature, the collection was meticulously curated to offer a variety of aesthetics. From
basic textures to statement graphics, the patterns are suitable for a broad range of healthcare applications, from pediatric spaces to assisted living

Incorporating nature in design has been truly foundational to the most successful healing spaces. In fact, Evidence Based Design research has proven
time and time again that nature has restorative properties. “For this first collection, we wanted to offer EnviroLeather™ customers a broad range of
aesthetics that bridge the natural world with contemporary trends. We wanted the focus of the collection to be modern and varied, yet grounded in the
basics of healing through design.” said Geraldine Blanchot of Pattern Pod.

EnviroLeather™ is transforming the way faux leather upholstery is viewed by offering a sustainable alternative that gives designers unlimited print variety
and color choices. “Because they are providing samples on paper rather than wasting precious resources sampling, we worked with very few restrictions.
We were truly able to let our love of color run wild. And, as an added benefit, we chose to work within the Pantone color matching system to make
specifying these patterns that much easier.” said Kristen Dettoni of Pattern Pod.

“We know that fabric is one of the last items to be specified on a project, so we wanted to make sure there were enough design and color options to
choose from. Designers no longer have to compromise. Our technology is truly unique, allowing for a broad range of standard colors.” said Chris Rogers,
Regional A&D Manager of EnviroLeather™. The result is a holistic collection of sophisticated designs that celebrate the vicissitudes of nature in organic
tones ranging from tranquil spa blues to earthy brights.

EnviroLeather™ prints use more eco-friendly materials by replacing harmful solvents with water –based systems. In addition, the process is more
sustainable, with much lower energy consumption and waste.

“With EnviroLeather™, our goal is to offer a better performing and more sustainable option to replace vinyl, leather, and other traditional faux leathers.
With hundreds of options designers can now look to us in places where they would normally use printed vinyls and woven textiles that often have toxic
chemical additives or durability issues,” says Josh Dame, President of LDI.

About EnviroLeather™ by LDI

EnviroLeather™ by LDI is a pioneer in eco-friendly, PVC-free faux leather; combining innovative design, outstanding durability, superior chemical
resistance, and a soft, luxurious feel. Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, LDI Corporation was founded in 2004 by plastics and textile
engineers committed to producing commercial faux leather upholstery that meets the highest environmental and health standards. Visit
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