EnviroLeather™ Launches Eco-friendly “Petite Floret” Faux Leather Using New Hybrid, Digital Print Technology

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Portsmouth, NH: March 3, 2014 – EnviroLeather™ by LDI announces “Petite Floret” – a nature-inspired design pattern by interior product designers Tara
Rae Hill and Martiele Sineath – using EnviroLeather’s breakthrough, eco-friendly, hybrid digital printing technology. The EnviroLeather™ sustainable
upholstery printing process allows for a vibrancy and variety in color that have been difficult to achieve with traditional printing methods. EnviroLeather™
– a pioneer in eco-friendly faux leathers – is excited to offer “Petite Floret” to those who want to create healthier commercial spaces, such as medical and
educational settings, using innovative, luxurious designs.

In describing this new line, designer Tara Rae Hill says, “We are thrilled to work with EnviroLeather™, as their new technology is bringing to life our
‘Petite Floret’ design concept in a vibrant and eco-friendly way. The design combines the comforts of nature with our intrinsic fondness of color to help
create interiors that are familiar, softened, and interesting. ‘Petite Floret’ uses a pattern that is inviting, cheerful and sophisticated and is reminiscent of
luminescent springtime days and twinkle-time, silhouette nights.”

Designer Martiele Sineath adds: “ ‘Petite Floret’ was inspired by the organic flow of nature, with a chic color palette and timeless expression. Its simple
elegance and beauty are reminiscent of graceful flora and charming gardens.”

Offering more color vibrancy and variety, the EnviroLeather™ patent-pending, hybrid digital print technology employs an eco-friendly process that is more
energy-efficient and uses water-based systems to replace harmful solvents.

EnviroLeather™ has gained recognition as a PVC-free faux leather that combines outstanding durability, superior chemical resistance and a soft, luxurious
feel with environmental, health and safety benefits. EnviroLeather™ contains no PVC, no plasticizers, no halogens, and no heavy metals. It also passes the
stringent California 01350 indoor air quality test and contains renewable material and post-consumer recycled content. With this new print technology,
EnviroLeather™ now offers innovative, fresh, new looks and designs as well.

Says Josh Dame, President of LDI, “With EnviroLeather™, we have been the pioneers in eco-friendly, PVC-free faux leather using the cleanest methods
and technology available. In working with designers Jhane Barnes, Tara Hill and Martiele Sineath using our new sustainable print technology – we are
taking our luxurious PVC-free faux leather to the next level in both design and eco-friendliness. At LDI, we are driven by engineering and design to offer
sustainable, affordable alternatives with superior performance. We look forward to unveiling our next innovations.”

About the Designers Tara Rae Hill and Martiele Sineath

Tara Rae Hill is the founder of LittleFISH Think Tank and a state registered interior designer. She is industry recognized for leveraging design as a tool
to promote therapeutic environments that advance wellness and provide measurable outcomes. She has significant experience regarding the science
and theory of color and with research that demonstrates, when nature is appropriately combined with an interesting use of color, people have a positive
emotional and physical response. Martiele Sineath, founder of Yellowboots Creative, is a state certified interior designer with a wealth of experience in
the hospitality and blue chip commercial markets. Ms. Sineath focuses on big brand solutions, with product creations infused with thoughtful color and
universal appeal.

About EnviroLeather™ by LDI

EnviroLeather™ by LDI is a pioneer in eco-friendly, PVC-free faux leather combining innovative design, outstanding durability, superior chemical resistance,
and a soft, luxurious feel. Visit www.enviroleather.com or call 866-332-0700 for more information. Headquartered in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, LDI
Corporation was founded in 2004 by plastics and textile engineers committed to producing commercial faux leather upholstery that meets the highest
environmental and health standards.