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LDI Interiors Launches “Soiree”- A Collection of Two Designs for Senior Living Environments

Contact: Jordan Blackman
Tel: 866-332-0700


Portsmouth, NH: August 12, 2020: LDI Interiors, a leader in durable upholstery that improves indoor air quality and contributes to healthier commercial interiors, announces the launch of “Soiree”.  Developed in collaboration with Design Pool, Soiree is a collection of two patterns designed to expand LDI’s portfolio of EnviroLeather™ Prints geared toward Senior Living and Healthcare environments.

In English, soiree has been adapted to mean a fancy evening affair. The word soiree brings to mind memories of elegance, time spent with friends and family, and special occasions. In healing environments, good memories of special times can help a patient feel happy, positive, and motivated. The patterns in our collection, Soiree, are designed to bring to mind memories of togetherness; moments of bringing beautiful flowers to a hostess or raising a glass of champagne.

Soiree is produced with LDI’s award winning print on demand digital technology. “Reduction of Healthcare Acquired Infections (HAI’s) is primary concern of care providers today.”, according to Josh Dame, President of LDI.  “Our research shows that woven textiles and faux leathers with pronounced grains harbor over 200% more bacteria and germs than the smoother surfaces of EnviroLeather™ Prints between cleanings.”

“LDI’s print technology allows a textile designer to create the visual interest of unique textures like that of a woven textile.  The earth toned colors of the Soiree Collection allow you to balance the best aesthetic while retaining the cleanability of a wipeable, durable coated fabric.”, according to Kristen Dettoni of Design Pool.  “On their own or used together, these patterns create a warm and inviting atmosphere to help people feel comfortable and relaxed.”

About LDI Interiors
LDI Interiors is part of the LDI Solutions family of companies that develops sustainable products to protect the environment and human health. LDI Interiors focuses on durable upholstery that improves air quality and contributes to healthier commercial interiors. Our digital print expertise gives unparalleled design flexibility. All LDI products are backed by industry leading warranties for 24/7 environments. You can feel good that you are doing something good for the planet & human health, while remaining confident that your investment in our upholstery will hold up to rigorous use and meet your long-term performance goals. Visit or call 866-332-0700 for more information.

About Design Pool
Design Pool opens a new door to creative freedom. Their digital library of high-quality designs paired with exclusive relationships to the leading print-on-demand companies offer you a world of possibilities. Design Pool’s seamless, vector format patterns can be printed on a variety of materials for an astounding range of needs. From hospitals to hotels, residences and offices, Design Pool helps you delight your customers with unheard of speed, flexibility, and creativity. Visit for more information.