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LDI Interiors Launches EnviroSil®: Revive

Contact: Jordan Blackman
Tel: 866-332-0700


Rochester, NH: September 24, 2021: LDI Interiors, a leader in durable upholstery and wallcoverings that contribute to healthier, beautiful commercial interiors, today introduces the launch of EnviroSil® — a brand-new line of premium stain-resistant silicone coated fabrics upholstery for demanding, high-traffic environments.

Available in 9 solid colors (from Avocado to Viola), the new EnviroSil® Revive collection is 100% PVC-free and PU-free and features a super-soft feel that’s easily maintained with more than 70 approved cleaning products.

“This new silicone line represents our newest breakthrough technology and offers the best stain, moisture and flame resistance available for challenging environments — you can even wipe off Sharpie or magic marker stains with everyday bleach wipes,” said Josh Dame, president of LDI. “We’ve engineered this line to meet the unique demands and durability requirements of 24/7 healthcare, corporate, higher education and senior living settings. You can also feel good about what inside because EnviroSil® is completely PVC-free and PU-free with no solvents used during manufacturing, creating a more sustainable choice for you, which is part of our mission.”

And unlike other silicone offerings in the marketplace, Dame said, EnviroSil® provides superior scratch resistance, seam strength and shows no color change or flex-cracking after years of high-traffic usage.

Headquartered in New Hampshire, LDI Interiors was founded by plastics and textile engineers with the goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer – without sacrificing performance. Today, LDI Interiors is specified by leading organizations including Google, Kaiser Permanente, H & R Block, the United Nations, Yale and Harvard University.

“EnviroSil® is beautiful from the inside out,” said Jordan Blackman, Sales and Marketing Coordinator at LDI Interiors. “It has a super-soft feel, the hand-picked colors are warm and inviting, and you can feel good about what it’s made of. The stain-resistance is simply amazing. That’s why we’re offering a free Sharpie with the product samples, so clients can easily put it to the magic marker test and see for themselves.”

The company is offering free EnviroSil® samples on its website, and will include a free Sharpie if you enter the code MAGICMARKER for the “Magic Marker Test,” according to Blackman.

“LDI now has three distinct price points and categories of coated fabrics upholstery with Ecolution™ vinyl, EnviroLeather™ TPE and EnviroSil® silicone,” Dame said. ”As the calendar turns to 2022 be on the lookout as LDI begins the journey of building out a good, better, best portfolio of high-performance woven textile upholstery for Healthcare and other demanding, 24/7 environments.”


FREE OFFER: EnviroSil® — the smarter, sustainable silicone choice that’s beautiful from the inside out. Get your free sample and put it to the magic marker test today.

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