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LDI Interiors Launches Ecolution™: Infinity

Contact: Jordan Blackman
Tel: 866-332-0700


Portsmouth, NH: October 26, 2020: LDI Interiors, a leader in durable upholstery that contributes to healthier commercial interiors, announces the launch of “Infinity”.  The first collection within Ecolution™, LDI’s new, budget conscious line of sustainable and durable coated fabrics upholstery, Infinity is comprised of 16 colors that range from warm neutrals to saturated reds, greens, and blues.

“As commercial end users become less comfortable with woven textile upholsteries due to infection control concerns, we are finding significant, increased demand for our sustainable and durable coated fabrics.”, says Josh Dame, President of LDI Solutions.  Dame continued, “Ecolution™ represents a meaningful milestone in the expansion of LDI Interiors.  Budget focused specifiers now have a wipeable, coated fabric upholstery solution under $35 that maintains the LDI focus on high performance and protecting the environment and human health.”

Ecolution™ passes CAL 01350 for low VOC emissions.  It is a combination of a Polyester substrate and PVC, formulated with no flame retardants, no phthalate plasticizers, no perfluorochemicals (PFC’s) and no antimicrobial biocides.

“With EnviroLeather™ we started with 24 colors in the original California Collection.  Over time we have grown EnviroLeather™ and EnviroLeather™ Prints to include hundreds of solid colors and patterned colorways.”, says Jordan Blackman, Sales & Marketing Coordinator for LDI.  “We were missing a viable solution for those price sensitive projects.  Now, Infinity establishes a core of flexible, solid colors, from which we will grow a broad offering of Ecolution™ color and design.”

About LDI Interiors

LDI Interiors is part of the LDI Solutions family of companies that develops sustainable products to protect the environment and human health. LDI Interiors focuses on durable upholstery that contributes to healthier commercial interiors. Our innovative technology in proprietary performance coatings and formulations is leading the movement in commercial interiors to sustainable, high performance and less toxic fabrics.  Backed by industry leading warranties, you can feel good that you are doing something good for the planet & human health, while remaining confident that your investment in our upholstery will hold up to rigorous use and meet your long-term performance goals. Visit or call 866-332-0700 for more information.