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EnviroLeather™ by LDI Removes All Antimicrobial Biocides From Faux Leather Upholstery

Contact: Jordan Blackman
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Portsmouth, NH: January 30, 2017: EnviroLeather™ by LDI, a leader in PVC-free faux leather upholstery, announces the removal of antimicrobial biocides from production of the Montana Collection effective January 1, 2017. All other collections and designs are already produced without the use of antimicrobials, establishing EnviroLeather™ by LDI as the first and only upholstery supplier to be 100% free of these chemicals. The Montana Collection is being revised to comply with standards established by buyers and specifiers seeking to create healthy commercial spaces.

There is increasing demand to eliminate the use of antimicrobials due to concerns about toxicity and the potential for the creation of “Super Bugs”. Antimicrobial chemicals are designed to be toxic and can leach (migrate) out harmful substances that people can be exposed to. For example, triclosan and triclocarban interfere with male and female sex hormones, which are necessary for the normal growth and function of the reproductive system. One theory is that bactericidal (bacteria-killing) antimicrobial products diminish their efficacy over time and may not be present in sufficient concentration after leaching out. The result is the residual antimicrobial may not be strong enough to kill the entire population of bugs. Thus, the most resistant, surviving bugs replicate, potentially creating a resistant strain of bacteria.

“Related to coated fabrics used for upholstery, vinyl (PVC) coated fabrics need to have added antimicrobial biocides, because the plasticizers added to PVC to make it soft are good food for the microbes to grow and flourish. Without biocides, PVC would be susceptible to bacterial growth and staining from mold and mildew. EnviroLeatherTM is PVC-Free and does not contain plasticizers, so it is inherently resistant to bacteria and mold. We have never had a customer issue related to this.” states Josh Dame, President of LDI.

A common misconception is that antimicrobial chemicals are added to products to try to improve infection control. However, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has not found any evidence to suggest antimicrobials offer any enhanced protection from the spread of bacteria and germs. CDC’s 2003 findings stated that properly cleaning and disinfecting surfaces will kill pathogens effectively and prevent the risk of spreading hospital-associated infections. The risk is further reduced with appropriate hand washing by staff and patients.

Dame continues, “As hospitals seek ways to minimize the possibility of hospital-associated Infections it is important to wash and clean surfaces with disinfectants and cleaners known to kill viruses. Thus, when selecting upholstery it is most important to specify materials that will hold up to these chemicals and to implement proper protocol to wash and clean the surfaces regularly. To achieve the maximum useful lifespan of upholstery fabric, it is important to rinse the residue from cleaners and disinfectants with clean water and then dry with a clean cloth (after the appropriate dwell time has been achieved).”

About EnviroLeather™ by LDI

EnviroLeather™ by LDI is a pioneer in PVC-free faux leather. The company was founded in 2004 by plastics and textile engineers with the goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer – without sacrificing performance. Utilizing our industry first, hybrid digital print process we offer an extensive collection of PVC-Free print patterns to complement a package of solid and textured leather grains in over 100 color choices. By combining innovative design, outstanding durability, and a soft, luxurious feel we have redefined the way the industry views faux leather. Visit or call 866-332-0700 for more information.