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EnviroLeather™ by LDI Launches Puncture Resistant, PVC-free Faux Leather Upholstery

Contact: Jordan Blackman
Tel: 866-332-0700


Portsmouth, NH: July 9, 2018: EnviroLeather™ by LDI, a leader in PVC-free faux leather upholstery, announces the launch of “Wyoming”- a collection designed to look like a classic distressed leather, available in 6 versatile colors suitable for a wide range of applications.

The Wyoming construction is designed to look and function like leather but offers superior durability and eliminates the hazardous toxins and environmental damage caused by tanning leather hides. The high performance TPE surface is combined with a microfiber backing that mimics the collagen structure found in real leather. The multi-axial matrix used to form the microfiber structure results in a soft, luxurious material that is actually stronger than leather on strength-to-weight ratio and is puncture resistant.

“With Wyoming, our design and development team has created a sustainable upholstery solution that addresses the technical challenge of punctured upholstery.”, according to Josh Dame, President of LDI Corporation. “The classic distressed leather grain, engineered with our proprietary TPE formulation, and the microfiber substrate provide our specifiers with a product that has a timeless, sophisticated appearance.”

Wyoming was created in line with LDI’s goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic and safer, without sacrificing performance. It contains no PVC, plasticizers, flame retardants, antimicrobial biocides, heavy metals, or perfluorochemicals (PFC’s), Designers are able to achieve the high-end look of a real leather with a sustainable upholstery that addresses the environmental and health safety concerns associated with leather or vinyl (PVC) upholstery.

About EnviroLeather™ by LDI
EnviroLeather™ by LDI is a pioneer in PVC-Free faux leather upholstery.  The company was founded in 2004 by plastics and textile engineers with the goal of developing products that are more sustainable, less toxic, and safer – without sacrificing performance. Utilizing our industry first, hybrid digital print process we offer an extensive collection of PVC-free upholstery print patterns to complement a package of solid and textured leather grains in over 100 color choices. By combining innovative design, outstanding durability, and a soft, luxurious feel we have redefined the way the industry views sustainable faux leather upholstery. Visit or call 866-332-0700 for more information.